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Terms and Conditions

MijnGezondheid.net Terms and Conditions

In order to use the functionalities of MijnGezondheid.net, you must agree to these General Terms of Use ("Terms and Conditions"). As part of your treatment, your healthcare provider offers you the MijnGezondheid.net online portal. You must activate your account yourself before you can use this online portal.

Your healthcare provider considers it important that your data is properly secured, which is why you need DigiD with App or SMS function to activate your account and use MijnGezondheid.net.

These terms and conditions outline the features offered by MijnGezondheid.net. Depending on the choice of your healthcare provider, some functionalities may or may not be available to you. The following file functionalities are available:

  • Overview of topics and a summary of a conversation with your GP.

  • Hypersensitivities and particularities known to your pharmacy and/or GP, e.g. allergies.

  • Medication details.

  • Laboratory results from your GP.

  • Measurement results from your GP.

  • Letters and documents from your GP.

  • Log data (see who accessed your file and when).

  • Home measurements you entered yourself.

Besides viewing file details, you can communicate securely with your healthcare provider, make appointments and order repeat medication. You can also access your current medication overview, view the status of your medication order and consult/print a medication passport. Within your medication overview, you can consult the medication information leaflet ("gip") for more information about the medication.

The "Moet Ik Naar De Dokter?" functionality allows you to go through questions from which an advice is formed on whether you should see a doctor. This external application is linked in MijnGezondheid.net. This separate functionality is subject to the terms and conditions of MINDD

BV. This application is completely separate from the functionalities of MijnGezondheid.net itself.

Via the platform of MijnGezondheid.net, it is also possible to access your medical data from the GP in your personal health environment (PHE). This is facilitated through a Healthcare Provider Service Provider, which ensures that you can retrieve your data from your PGO, if you wish.

Article 1. Applicability

1.1. The Terms and Conditions apply to all your use of MijnGezondheid.net and form an integral part of the medical treatment agreement between you, being the user of MijnGezondheid.net, and your healthcare provider offering MijnGezondheid.net (hereinafter: "Healthcare Provider").

Article 2. Rights and obligations for the patient (you)

2.1. Your Healthcare Provider must instruct you on the use of MijnGezondheid.net. You must follow instructions from your Healthcare Provider on the use of MijnGezondheid.net at all times.

2.2. You should note that the information in your medical and medication record on MijnGezondheid.net may be incomplete or incorrect. If you wish to exercise your privacy rights, such as your right to information, inspection, rectification, deletion, restriction, addition, objection or transferability, please contact your Healthcare Provider.

Article 3. Rights and obligations for your Healthcare Provider

3.1. The rights and obligations applicable to your Healthcare Provider with regard to your medical treatment are regulated in the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO). The services offered by your Healthcare Provider via MijnGezondheid.net also fall within the scope of this Act.

3.2 Your Healthcare Provider indicates which medical data and parts of MijnGezondheid.net are available to you. Your Healthcare Provider may change the available functionality during use. In addition, your Healthcare Provider may make more medical data available, if you wish and only when possible.

3.3. Your Healthcare Provider can see when you last logged in and receives non-reducible user statistics. In addition, your Healthcare Provider only sees (medical) information that you expressly and directly provide to it, and your Healthcare Provider declares to use it only in the context of your medical treatment.

3.4. Your Care Provider is bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and its legal duty of confidentiality as set out, inter alia, in the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO).

3.5. Your Healthcare Provider acts in accordance with the guidelines used within the professional group for online services, and the guidelines of the Personal Data Authority regarding the appropriate security and proper and transparent processing of your personal data.

3.6. Your Healthcare Provider cannot guarantee that MijnGezondheid.net is always available and/or functions without errors.

Article 4. My Links - Single Sign On functionality

4.1 In certain cases it is possible to gain secure access to other portals or a personal health environment via MijnGezondheid.net by means of a single sign on functionality (SSO). Such environments are offered by and are the responsibility of third parties, and are therefore not part of MijnGezondheid.net. Your Healthcare Provider and its supplier are therefore not responsible for the use or functioning of these environments.

Article 5. Other provisions

The following is relevant to the use of MijnGezondheid.net:

5.1. MijnGezondheid.net is a product of PharmaPartners B.V., which acts on behalf of your Healthcare Provider as processor in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation. As a processor PharmaPartners B.V. acts only on the instructions and under the instructions of your Healthcare Provider (the controller). All employees of PharmaPartners B.V. are contractually bound to confidentiality.

5.2. MijnGezondheid.net uses fully anonymised functional and analytical cookies. This means that only cookies are collected that are necessary to allow MijnGezondheid.net to function properly.

5.3. All intellectual property rights applicable to MijnGezondheid.net rest with PharmaPartners B.V. This means that the information, (source) code, brand and layout (design) of MijnGezondheid.net may not be copied or provided to others. None of the provisions in the Terms are intended to transfer the aforementioned intellectual property rights to you or any third party.

5.4. Complaints about MijnGezondheid.net can be submitted to your GP and/or pharmacist. They can inform you about the complaints procedure within the meaning of the Complaint Rights of Clients Act Healthcare Sector.

5.5. MijnGezondheid.net cooperates with the mobile application MedGemak if it is offered by your healthcare provider. Additional information about the mobile application MedGemak can be consulted on the website.

5.6 PharmaPartners reserves the right to unilaterally amend these terms and conditions of use.

5.7 Dutch law applies to the use of MijnGezondheid.net and issues relating to these terms and conditions of use.