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Privacy statement MijnGezondheid.net

What is MijnGezondheid.net?

MijnGezondheid.net (hereinafter: MGn) is an online patient portal that allows you as a patient to communicate with your GP and/or pharmacist securely and remotely.

MGn also allows you to view part of your file, make appointments, order medication and view examination results. You can only use MGn if your GP and/or pharmacist offers you MGn. Your GP and pharmacist determine which functionalities are available to you. Because your data are extremely sensitive in nature and therefore need the highest security, you can only log into MGn with your DigiD account with SMS code or with the DigiD app.

Both MGn and the information systems of your GP and pharmacist are provided by PharmaPartners. This means that the actions you perform within MGn are directly visible within the healthcare provider's information system. This integration and communication between your MGn account and the information systems of your GP and pharmacist meet the strictest information security requirements.

PharmaPartners sees securing your data as its most important task and for this reason is ISO 27001, 9001, NEN 7510 certified. In addition, PharmaPartners undergoes a strict DigiD audit for MGn every year.

Notification settings

In some cases, you will receive a notification in the form of an e-mail message as soon as new information is available to you in MijnGezondheid.net. There are different types of notifications. Most of the notifications you will receive an e-mail by default, as they contribute to the delivery of good care and your patient safety. At some types of notifications you can choose whether or not to receive them.

Notifications you will always receive an email from:

  • When your healthcare provider sends you a message.

  • When your healthcare provider answers your question or message.

  • When your healthcare provider has shared a new study result.

  • When a medication order has been sent or processed by your healthcare provider.

  • When your medication order is automatically repeated by your pharmacy.

  • When a medication order is completed and ready.

  • When a contract with a healthcare provider has ended.

  • If an appointment has been changed.

  • When your healthcare provider has shared a questionnaire.

Notifications you will only receive an email of if you have explicitly turned it on:

  • If your healthcare provider has shared documents.

  • When an appointment has been made.

  • When an appointment is about to take place.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data in MijnGezondheid.net?

In MGn, it is possible to access your medical data as available from your various healthcare providers (GP and/or pharmacist), when they have offered MGn to you. Each healthcare provider is an independent data controller (within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation) for the personal data it has made available in MGn. Therefore, if you wish to exercise your privacy rights or otherwise have questions about your personal data in MGn, please contact the relevant healthcare provider. Under the heading 'GP/pharmacy details' you will see an overview of the healthcare providers who offer you MGn.

MGn also allows you to make appointments, communicate with healthcare providers and/or order medication. These actions are covered by the medical confidentiality of the healthcare provider(s) you select. The healthcare provider with whom you wish to communicate, schedule an appointment or place an order is therefore the data controller.

In MGn, you alone have the total overview of your medical data as made available by your selected healthcare providers.

If several pharmacists and/or general practitioners offer you MGn, they can each separately unlock the file information available to them via MGn. You are the only person who has such a complete overview of your medical data. All communication between you and a healthcare provider selected by you via MGn is subject to the medical confidentiality of that healthcare provider and as such is strictly confidential.

Who is the processor on behalf of the controller?

PharmaPartners is the ICT provider that built and maintains MGn. PharmaPartners is a Dutch company that has been active within the healthcare and ICT market for over 40 years. Besides MGn, PharmaPartners also offers the information systems Medicom and Pharmacom for your GP and pharmacist. In these systems, your healthcare provider manages your medical records, among other things.

PharmaPartners is a processor for the systems Medicom, Pharmacom and MGn, which systems are purchased by your healthcare provider as the data controller. MGn is therefore offered to you by your healthcare provider as data controller.

What personal data is processed by my healthcare provider in MijnGezondheid.net?

This depends on the functionalities your healthcare provider makes available to you in MGn. By default (to create an account and validate who you are), the following data are processed:

  • Name, address, place of residence

  • Date of birth

  • Phone number

  • Gender

  • Mail address

  • Your care providers

  • BSN

Depending on the functionalities and healthcare providers available, the following data will be processed:

  • Messages between you and your GP and/or pharmacist

  • Messages from your GP and/or pharmacist

  • Your medical records as available from your GP and if requested by you:

    • Subjects and reporting

    • Particulars and hypersensitivities

    • Current medication status: the medications you are currently taking and have been taking for the past x months

    • Documents and letters

    • Measurements

    • Prescriptions

    • Lab results

  • Your medication record as available from your pharmacy and if requested by you:

    • Particulars and hypersensitivities

    • Current medication status: the medications you are taking now and have taken in the past x months

    • Medication episodes

  • Appointment details

The data above are part of your medical record and your treatment by your healthcare provider. The legal requirements of the Medical Treatment Agreement apply. For example, your healthcare provider is legally obliged to keep your file for 20 years.

Virtually all communications and requests you send to your healthcare provider via MGn are recorded in your healthcare provider's information system (your file). Should you wish to exercise your privacy rights, such as the right to information, inspection, rectification, deletion, restriction, addition, objection or transferability, before deleting your MGn account, please contact your healthcare provider.

He/she will process your request and, if necessary, request PharmaPartners to take the necessary technical actions (such as deleting your data in MGn). If you wish to delete or terminate your account, please contact your healthcare provider. In this case, your data will be deleted within 3 months.

What personal data is processed by PharmaPartners in MijnGezondheid.net and for what purposes?

PharmaPartners as ICT partner of your GP and/or pharmacist provides user support through its service desk. Your GP and/or pharmacist can call us if they have a question about MGn or if they need technical support. In some cases, file access by our service desk staff is necessary for this. They only do so if your healthcare provider instructs us to do so or because we signal that the confidentiality, integrity and/or availability of your personal data could otherwise be seriously compromised. All PharmaPartners employees are very aware of the sensitivity of this data and are also bound to very strict contractual confidentiality.

So my medical data in MijnGezondheid.net will not be shared with other parties or used for purposes other than what is discussed in this statement?

Indeed, MGn is your portal that allows you to communicate confidentially with your healthcare provider. Communication via MGn is therefore covered by your healthcare provider's medical confidentiality and as such may not be revealed to others.

Only PharmaPartners as ICT supplier can access your data if necessary to support your healthcare provider or you. Your healthcare provider has made clear agreements with PharmaPartners on the protection of your privacy.

Do you have any further questions for us?

PharmaPartners has appointed a data protection officer to oversee your privacy internally, whom you can contact for questions about MGn. You can reach our data protection officer by sending an email to privacy@pharmapartners.nl.