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Frances64 jaar

MijnGezondheid.net is a valuable addition. It is easy to use. You can order your medicines, make an appointment with your GP, ask your GP or pharmacy a question. You can read the results of tests or make notes yourself. In short: a complete portal.

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Ingrid56 jaar

Good website, it’s nice to read the medical results after a medical examination in my own time.

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Thea61 jaar

Easy to order receipts and look into my medical file. Sending messages to my GP is easy for short questions.

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Vincent65 jaar

Good patient portal. Clear and functional.

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Monique35 jaar

Clear, easy to use. Useful to be able to arrange things yourself.

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Kirsten30 jaar

I'm very happy with the digital options. This way I can always arrange my health matters without having to wait on the phone. Also nice to see your medical history.