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Login procedure via DigiD with SMS function on app

Since this platform stores data about your health, it is very important that the information from
MijnGezondheid.net (MGn) is properly secured. There are many environments where you can log in
with a username and password. This may be easier, but it is not allowed by law. To guarantee the
security and privacy of your data, MGn uses DigiD with SMS or the DigiD app. MGn thus meets the
highest requirements set by the Dutch government for securing environments in which patients can
access their medical data online. Through this login procedure, you can rest assured that all
communication remains confidential and your file can actually only be viewed by you and your
healthcare provider.

A lot is happening in the market of online applications in patient care. The laws and regulations
related to this are also in full development. MijnGezondheid.net closely follows these developments
and ensures that your data are always protected according to the requirements of the law and
guidelines. More information on privacy and security can be found at https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/.
More information about DigiD and SMS or DigiD app can be found at
Explanation of safe internet use and mail use MGn makes every effort to keep the use of MGn safe, but you can help by following the tips below:

  • Keep your computer or tablet, including your internet programme and anti-virus software
    up-to-date. These updates often contain security patches.

  • Beware of strange messages. Don't open e-mails or messages from people you don't know. If
    something looks strange, delete it.

  • Log out when you have finished using your account.

  • If you don't understand something, or something weird happens, ask someone you trust for
    help. It's OK to ask for help